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Want to supercharge your hot dog business? Let us help. We build high performance websites and mobile marketing packages for ALL food vendors. Whether you sell hot dogs or haute cuisine, sausages or sushi, we can help you bring in the customers you need to succeed.

Why “pretty” websites will kill your business - Most web designers are artists.
That’s not good. As artists, their goal is to build “pretty” websites. In pursuit of that goal, they tend to build their websites entirely out of images, photos, and graphics and to make extensive use of a technology called flash. However, this creates a BIG problem. Google and the other search engines can’t read images or flash – so they have no idea what your site is about. As a result, your “pretty” website ends up buried deep in the musty, dark basement of the internet. It doesn’t stand a chance of being seen by your potential customers as they search the web for your business.

Why our food cart websites are better. We’re business people first, artists second. Our websites are designed to be automated marketing machines for your business, not just online brochures. There is a BIG difference. Our websites look great, but our first goal is to build you a website that increases your exposure, gets you customers, and makes you money (a foreign concept to most “artists”). We do that with a two part strategy…

First, we create websites that get found
in Google and the other search engines. Your site will rank very high in the search results so it can be easily found. We do this by building sites that are great looking and easy for the search engines to read. They rank very high for the search terms your customers are most likely to use when they are looking for food choices in your area.

Second, we get people to try you out.
We’re not just web designers, we have years of experience running our own food carts too – so we know what works. When someone enters your website, we use an assortment of marketing techniques to convert them from lookers into first time customers. Then it’s up to you to serve the delicious food and provide the unique experience that turns them into raving fans – which is the reason you started your business in the first place, right?

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